In this Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Practitioners, Dennis Leri introduces and makes applicable the notion of a primitive. You will learn how movement Primitives are found at all levels of action and are the basis for human movement. Primitives can be used to guide us in knowing how to organize our actions, our thinking and our intentions. Their proper use can make Functional Integration lessons more meaningful and effective.

The workshop includes ​eight lectures, ​three Awareness Through Movement® lessons, ​and six Functional Integration® demonstrations.

  • Dennis Leri, one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ original American students, has worked in and directed Feldenkrais Training Programs around the world. He is a graduate of the first U.S. Feldenkrais Training Program and worked closely with Dr. Feldenkrais from 1973-1984.

    Dennis' teaching style reflects training in Western and Eastern philosophy, psychology, and over 45 years of experience in Chinese and Japanese martial arts. He studied personally with Milton Erickson and his extensive Buddhist studies began as a student of Jiyu Kennett Roshi and Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.

Table of Contents

Day One

              Lecture: Introduction to the Primitives and the Primary Image
              Awareness Through Movement Lesson: The Primary Image
              Lecture: Further Explication Regarding the Primary Image and Questions
              Functional Integration Demonstration: Clarifying the Primitives 

Day Two

              Lecture: When the Lines are long the Muscles are Long
              Functional Integration​: Demonstration, Guidance and Commentary
              Functional Integration Demonstration: The Seventh Cervical in Action
              Lecture: The Concrete and the Abstract in the Feldenkrais Method 
              Functional Integration: Demonstration, Guidance and Commentary
              Awareness Through Movement: The Primary Image with Tubes 

Day Three

              Lecture: Vibrant Viability versus Perfection
              Awareness Through Movement: The Primary Image Expanded
              Lecture: Clarifying the Primary Lines 
              Functional Integration Demonstration: The Foot to the Head 
              Lecture: The Non-linearity of Functional Integration 
              Functional Integration: Demonstration, Guidance and Commentary 
              Lecture: The Primary Lines of Force and Waiting